PokerStrategy is one of the biggest online poker communities and offers a lot more than just free bankrolls.  The way PokerStrategy handles their free cash promotions is different than the other bankroll providers that you may be used to.While they have a wide choice of online poker rooms for you to receive your free money at, you only get ONE free bankroll.  This is an important distinction.

PokerStrategy Bankrolls 2009

Currently, (Spetember 2009) PokerStrategy are giving you their starting capital at any one of these sites; PokerStars ($50), Party Poker ($50 + $100), 888 Poker ($50), Everest Poker ($50), Full Tilt Poker ($50 + $50), Bet365 ($50 + $100), Cake Poker ($50 + $100), Titan Poker ($50 + $100) and Mansion Poker ($50 + $100).

While the starting bankroll is the same amount – $50 – no matter which room you choose to play at, not all the rooms offer a further bonus without making a deposit first. PokerStars, 888 Poker and Everest poker will require you to make a deposit before you are eligible for a further bonus, whereas the other sites listed will let you play for a bonus on top of the free money. That is, you will be clearing an extra bonus at these sites without having had to deposit. If you do decide to make a deposit you will be eligible for an even bigger bonus.

PokerStrategy Quiz answers

Some poker players complain about the PokerStrategy quiz saying the correct answers are not standard hold’em poker strategy. That is correct and is the whole point of the PokerStrategy quiz. The quiz is based on the short stack strategy that PokerStrategy promotes. They are aware that a starting bankroll of fifty dollars is not a massive amount, so they do their best to teach you how best to use that starting cash. Using their short stack strategy and good bankroll management should help you make that free $50 go a long way.

Is PokerStrategy a scam?

No, this is a perfectly legitimate business. PokerStrategy has grown into one of the biggest online poker communities by using the business model of giving a starting bankroll to their members. They provide on their site lots of poker information for their members, not only strategy articles but also training videos.

Player Countries

Recently, PokerStrategy has stopped taking American players even though some of the rooms that they promote do take players from the U.S. We advise that poker players from America that are looking for free poker bankrolls should check out either YourPokerCash or PokerSource for American friendly offers.