Free No Deposit Poker Bonus guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of free poker cash for playing online poker.

If you know what this is all about then you can jump straight to the many great free poker bonuses that are detailed here on the site.

But if you are not familiar with the whole concept of being given free money simply to play poker with then read on.

Why would anyone give you free money to play poker?

This surprises a lot of people, and internet-savvy surfers will immediately suspect anything that is offered for ‘free’.  And, to be fair, that is a good attitude to have.

But when it comes to free poker cash, this practice of giving players a small bankroll to play with is actually a legitimate business practice.  As you probably already know if you are a poker player, online poker rooms make their profit by taking ‘rake’ every time a hand is dealt.  By giving you the money to play with, you will now be contributing to the rake and so in theory everybody wins.

I say in theory, because a lot of people who take advantage of the various free poker money offers do not treat it as real cash, and often they will lose it very quickly.  Losing the bankroll cash in two or three hands won’t generate much rake for anybody.

There is a lot of information to take in when you discover free online bankrolls for the first time.  We have tried to make this a bit easier to get to grips with by breaking down the various offers and the details on the sites that provide them into easily manageable chunks.

For example, most of the worthwhile free bankrolls are provided by online sites that specialize in this area, so we have the details on the three main bankroll providers, PokerSource, YourPokerCash and PokerStrategy.  Between these three poker sites you should have enough offers available to you that, if used properly, can build you a nice starting bankroll with absolutely no risk to your own money.