First Time in a Casino?

Have you ever been to a casino? If not, you should know that it is intimidating. Has this statement scared you away from visiting a live casino? Well, it should. You might read many articles stating that live casinos are a great place to visit, but the truth of the matter is that you will find many professional gamblers who don’t mess around.

For instance, imagine sitting down in the wrong seat at a blackjack table – in most cases, this would be 3rd base. What if you steal the dealer’s bust card? If you make this common error, you should expect to receive several glares and possibly even some bad words headed in your direction. Another example of feeling intimidated in a live casino is when you sit at a poker table. If you have never played before, they will smell it from a mile away.

So, instead of scaring the living daylights out of you, what is a solution if you want to gamble? Your best option will be to play at an online casino. However, another problem exists. How do you choose which online casino to play at? Thankfully, the solution here is simple. All you have to do is visit sites offering great casino reviews. They offer a free list of all the best online casinos. Currently, you will find a Top 10 Online Casino list. These online casinos include Rome Casino, Royal Ace, Bodog Casino, Rushmore,, Millionaire, VIP Slots, Slots Oasis and Go Casino. However, the best of the best is Silver Oak Casino, which has a 9.8 overall rating.

The best features at Silver Oak Casino are the $10,000 welcome bonus and that they accept US players. The $10,000 welcome bonus is the largest you will find anywhere. You will need to play a lot in order to release the bonus, but if you use intelligent strategy at the right game and you practice good money management, you will basically be receiving $10,000 for free. The goal is to keep your bankroll even until the bonus money is released. The payouts at Silver Oak Casino are fast and realtime gaming software is used. The game selection is also pretty solid with over 100 games offered. More impressive is the slot machine selection, which totals 70. Of course, progressive jackpots are also available.

Now you know where to play in order to avoid the intimidation factor. If you choose to play at a place like Silver Oak Casino, this also has the potential to be a very profitable venture.