Everest Poker free money – PokerStrategy

The PokerStrategy site gives their new members a free poker bankroll deal and offers a choice of online poker rooms where the free cash can be had. Everest Poker is one of the choices. This bankroll is a straight forward free $50 up front, with no further or pending bonus.

Everest Poker Free Bankroll

All PokerStrategy members that successfully complete the poker quiz can claim their free bonus at Everest Poker. Players that choose Everest Poker receive $50 for free into their new Everest account. However, there is no further pending bonus.

If you go on to deposit at Everest you will be eligible for their first deposit bonus, which is a flat $200 regardless of the amount you deposit.

Everest Poker Bankroll Terms

In order to receive a free poker cash bankroll from PokerStrategy you will need to pass their poker quiz. After that, there are the usual terms and conditions attached to this type of free offer;

  • You must not already have an account at Everest Poker
  • You must earn 1000 Everest Player points (summit points) within 90 days of getting the free bankroll cash.
  • You may not use the free cash in the Everest Casino

Countries allowed to claim this bankroll

As we have been told by PokerStrategy, the only countries not allowed to claim any of their bankroll deals are the United States of America and Turkey. All other countries should be good to go.